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Because your skin deserves only the softest touch and the best of care. Our laser hair removal program provides expert treatment and immaculate results with the revolutionary Duetto MT Evo.

Compared to any other method, laser hair removal guarantees a long-lasting effect. The laser targets the hair follicle with a light beam which passes through the skin and is absorbed by the hair pigment. This is how the laser removes the hair without affecting the surrounding tissue. Without any risks.

Expert care, smooth skin, zero risks

Durable results come with quality equipment and expert knowledge about the specifics of each skin type. Every single body is unique, and so is the skin – light, dark, freckled, with thick, dark hairs, fair-haired etc. Choosing the right settings and adjusting the number and frequency of the laser procedures to the individual needs of each of our clients assures optimal results and risk-free treatment.

Laser hair removal for men

Many gentlemen are looking for an effective solution to the problem of unwanted hair on an equal footing with women. That is why more and more men are taking advantage of laser hair removal. Specific for the gents, however, is that they often seek to thin their hair rather than completely remove it. This is what makes laser hair removal the most suitable method for guys. Another specific of the male laser hair removal procedures are the treated areas. Often these are the chest, the abdomen, the shoulders, and the back.

The essence of laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is a preferred method for eliminating or reducing unwanted facial and body hair. It has an almost universal application and with the advancement of technology, it becomes available to more and more people with different skin and pigment features.

Compared to IPL Photoepilation (Intense Pulsed Light), the laser beam is precisely targeted and has only one wavelength, which specifically targets the hair, while the photo light is dispersed and cannot pinpoint solely the hair follicle. Therefore, photoepilation affects not only hair but also skin tissue whereas laser hair removal is safer and harmless to the surrounding tissue.

The advantages of
Duetto MT Evo

Apart from providing long-lasting results, our laser hair removal program has several other advantages.

Safety work protocol

We follow a strict work protocol to guarantee your safety. We customize the apparatus settings to match your specifics and needs.

Double efficiency

The combination of two types of laser frequencies in the Duetto apparatus means faster and more efficient hair removal.

All skin type

The Duetto MT Evo technology allows us to work on both fair and dark skin and hair. With flawless results.

Pain-free treatment

The laser hair removal is generally painless, solely creating slight discomfort and warming of the treated area.

Treatment areas

Belly and belly line

The procedure can be applied to both men and women, where the approximate time for a female belly hair removal is 20 minutes and for a male is 30 minutes. The belly line area is part of the female procedures and takes ca. 15 minutes.

Intimate area and bikini line

The intimate area treatment takes 20 minutes for both men and women. The bikini line is a female-oriented procedure that also lasts approximately 20 minutes.

Breasts and nipples

Applied to both men and women, the breast hair removal procedure takes 30 minutes. Nipple hair removal is a woman-oriented procedure that lasts ca. 15 minutes.

Forearms and arms

Both forearms and arms hair removal is suitable for men and women and the procedures last 30 minutes.


Armpit hair removal for women lasts ca. 20 minutes while the procedure takes approximately 15 minutes for male clients.

Legs, thighs, and lower legs

All three areas can be treated for both female and male clients. Thigh and lower leg hair removal take 30 minutes for male|female clients. Legs hair removal lasts ca. 45 minutes for women and 50 minutes for men.


This area is oriented towards the female clients and takes approximately 20 minutes.

Lower back, full back,
and shoulders

Lower back hair removal can be performed on both men and women. For women, the procedure lasts 20 minutes while for men – 30 minutes. The full-back treatment and the shoulder hair removal are men-oriented procedures that take 30 minutes each.

Whole body

Whole body laser hair removal is suitable for both men and women and takes approximately 120 minutes.

Facial hair removal

Chin and sideburn areas are treated primarily for women, and both take ca. 15 minutes. Front|back neck hair removal is suited for male and female customers and the procedures take approximately 15 minutes.


Ears hair removal is a male procedure and takes 15 minutes.

Plan your laser hair removal procedure

Which area would you start first with? Book your laser hair removal treatment and grant yourself the smooth and gentle skin you deserve.

The innovation behind
Duetto MT Evo

There are generally four types of lasers used for hair removal – Alexandrite, diode, ND:YAG and ruby. Each of them has a different laser beam length serving specific needs and purposes. One apparatus can combine several technologies and laser beams, providing quicker and more effective treatment.

Duetto combined strength

The innovative Duetto MT Evo technology combines two types of lasers – Alexandrite and ND:YAG.

Skin type treatment

The combination of these two laser beams means that we can target both fair and dark hairs.

Laser-beam synergy

We can either work separately with each of the lasers or mix their effect to match the individual skin needs.

Less pain

Duetto utilizes less energy during treatments, compared to other technologies, which means painless hair removal.



When performed correctly and by a highly qualified specialist, this procedure does not pose any risks. Laser hair removal is not harmful. However, it requires the knowledge of a skilled beautician and the modern equipment available in good clinics. If the work protocols are not followed strictly or the technology is not in order, there is a risk of burns and pigmentation.

The problem with undergoing laser sessions in the summer is not the season itself. It is often related to the colour of the skin and the contrast between it and the hair. In general, the greater this contrast, the faster and more successful the results. However, the new generation equipment like Duetto MT Evo achieves excellent results, even if the contrast is low. In such instances, the issue is more the sun exposure itself. It is highly recommended not to tan and to have tanned two weeks before the procedure. After a session, you should not expose yourself to direct sunlight for a period of two weeks. With some body areas, this is easily achievable. With others, such as arms and face, it is rather hard. We emphasize that these deadlines and recommendations are not arbitrary. As a rule of thumb, the medical beautician will refuse to perform the manipulation on an area that has recently been exposed to sunlight.

There are no studies that indicate that laser hair removal is unfavourable during pregnancy. However, not enough research has been conducted to provide a definite answer. We do not advise our clients to hold sessions while they are pregnant. There are two main reasons. First, there are several changes in skin sensitivity during this period which may cause a higher level of discomfort. The second reason is related to the results – hormone levels change during these nine months and hair growth patterns are also changing which may affect the results negatively. Therefore, our advice is to postpone the procedures. Even if you have already had one or more sessions, the results will be preserved and after the birth, you can continue.

The number of procedures depends on many factors. Each person is unique and needs a different number of visits. This generally depends on the size of the treated area, the skin tone and the hair colour and thickness. The thicker and darker the hairs, the fewer sessions it takes to remove them.

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