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Our facial procedures with Rejuvi are specifically tailored to those with more sensitive and problematic skin. Because you deserve nothing but a flawless visage.

We know how annoying skin imperfections like acne or enlarged pores can be. Not only do they affect the reflection in the mirror but also affect our self-confidence and self-perception. Trying to hide them usually only complicates and prolongs the problem. That is why, choosing the right treatment procedures and crafting an individual action plan is the first step towards revealing the beauty of your face.

Time to face
the problematic skin

Our facial treatments with Rejuvi are designed to help you fight some of the most common skin imperfections – acne, including active acne, enlarged pores, and overproduction of oil and sebum. The Rejuvi professional care products contain ingredients which enhance the skin’s immune system and healing function, promote skin renewal, and inhibit excessive oil and sebum production. Our therapies target all areas that are most prone to be affected – face, décolleté, and back.

Activate the defence mechanism of your skin

The excessive production of oil and sebum is often the reason behind issues like acne and enlarged pores. Deep cleansing and powerful, yet sensitive products that do not clog the pores are essential during facial treatments targeting these problems. Rejuvi specializes in creating formulas that not only actively treat the skin but also support its natural defence and regeneration processes which guarantees optimal results.

Individual approach and solution for every skin type

Although acne and enlarged pores are one of the most common skin problems, affecting an average of 85% of people in various stages of their lives, the personalized approach towards fighting these issues is vital. That is why, at our centre, we take the powerful and highly effective Rejuvi professional products and modify the procedure to meet our client’s needs. We incorporate the use of high-frequency technology to achieve greater oxidation and regeneration of the skin.

The advantages of Rejuvi and high-frequency infusion

Using a combined approach during our Rejuvi facial procedures – professional products and high-frequency, allows the skin to absorb the maximum amount of active ingredients and simultaneously, heal better and quicker.

Active acne treatment

Not many products and procedures can be applied during active acne. Rejuvi focuses on providing a solution for every skin issue, including active acne.

Advanced results

Specializing in various skin conditions, Rejuvi has developed advanced formulas applicable to any type of skin and provides optimal results with simple treatment protocols.

Combined therapy

All Rejuvi products are developed to complement each other, allowing for holistic treatment programs for complex skin problems.


The high-frequency infusion method we use during our Rejuvi facials helps the skin saturation with oxygen. This stimulates the cells’ healing processes and turnover, increases blood circulation and clears imperfections.

The problems we solve with Rejuvi facials

Facial Cleansing Anti-Acne Rejuvi

A specialized anti-acne cleansing therapy focused on the facial area. The unique Rejuvi formulas allow the treatment even during active acne.

Anti-Acne Cleansing Décolleté Rejuvi

Another common area which is often affected by acne is the décolleté zone. This treatment can be combined with Facial Cleansing or Back Cleansing procedures.

Pore reduction therapy with Rejuvi

An active therapy specifically designed to cleanse and reduce enlarged pores, giving the skin a smoother and refined look.

Back cleansing Rejuvi

Often acne affects the back and this creates a sense of discomfort among both men and women. We can add back cleansing therapy that targets the problem in this specific area to any other anti-acne treatment or perform it separately.

Say “No” to acne and enlarged pores

Your skin is your home. Your confidence and expression of beauty. There is no place for imperfections. Book a Rejuvi procedure and get the flawless skin you’ve always wanted.

The power of science and herbology

Rejuvi Laboratory is constantly developing, researching, and producing new and improved formulas devoted to skin perfection and health.

Synergy approach

Rejuvi combines the power of advanced biochemistry, modern cosmetic chemistry, constant research and natural herbology to produce some of the most pristine and exceptional skin care products.

Worldwide leader

Rejuvi Laboratory was established in 1988 and nowadays, their products are distributed in more than 40 countries around the globe, making them one of the world's leaders in professional treatment care.

Powerful and balanced

Skin problems are usually highly individual and complicated to treat. The Rejuvi professional product line is both a powerful tool for eliminating skin issues and a delicate treatment intended for each skin condition.

Multi-action approach

Rejuvi has developed a specialized anti-acne treatment series which contains alpha-hydroxyl acids, urea peroxide and salicylic acid to cleanse the skin and remove micro-comedones.

Real Results

Our clients and their satisfaction are the best tokens of quality and flawless results.



You may experience a slight reddening and swallowing of the face right after the procedure and up until the end of the day. On the next day, there should be no visible redness and you can apply make-up.

During your initial consultation, our specialists will prepare a plan with the number and frequency of the procedures you need to achieve optimal results. This is determined by the initial skin condition, the type of procedure and the problem development stage. Typically, the cleansing procedures are done 1 on every 3-4 weeks.

Considering that acne is primarily a hormone-inflicted skin problem, teenagers are one of the main groups who need specialized treatment. Rejuvi therapies can be performed on all skin types, including younger people aged 15 years and above. Of course, this includes clients with more mature skin who experience the same issues.

Rejuvi procedures are generally safe to perform at any time. During the initial consultation with our specialists, you should mention if you suffer from a specific illness or condition and they will advise you on what and how to choose as a treatment. Usually, after laser treatment of the facial area or during pregnancy, we do not include high-frequency treatment in the procedures.

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