Awaken and revive your skin with Esthederm

Since 1978, Institut Esthederm reveals day after day the best features of your skin, making it more beautiful, and preserving its youthfulness and health in the long term.

Now you can indulge in the professional expertise, devotion and experience of Institut Esthederm with our special facial treatments based on Esthederm expert procedure protocols and fine-crafted formulas.

Optimize sustainably the beauty AND youthfulness of your skin

Exquisite skin is the result of a two-way approach – the use of suitable products combined with expert care. Our Esthederm facial procedures are associated with protocols that combine precision, efficiency, and well-being. Our treatments are designed to help each cell of your skin to be stronger, more vital, and healthy by stimulating its natural mechanisms of protection, regeneration, and oxygenation.

Gesichtsbehandlungen mit Esthederm

Professional therapies closer to you

We understand your skin – its needs, individual characteristics, and the beauty inside it. The facial therapies with Esthederm cosmetics optimize your skin cell metabolism, supporting its resistance towards the negative influences from the environment, and preserving the youthful glow of your skin. The Esthederm formulas we use during the treatments are specifically designed for tired, mature skin that needs to regain its radiance and beauty.

Gesichtsbehandlungen mit Esthederm Vorbereitung

Keep your skin young and vital for a long time

Your skin has its own natural resources and biological mechanisms to adapt to the ever-changing environment. With the advancement of age, these functions and resources slow down and decrease. However, with the appropriate professional care and products, they can be re-activated again. The Esthederm facial procedures are fashioned to support your skin’s cellular ecosystem, targeting, and reaching every building block of your skin. The therapies are based on two main key factors – exquisite products with specifically crafted formulas and professional massage techniques which combine precision, effectiveness, and comfort.

Esthederm Gesichtbehandlungen Produkte

The advantages of Esthederm facials

Unique approach to skin care, quality products, and a professional approach to skin rejuvenation are just a few of the advantages of our Esthederm facial treatments.

Cellular-based care

The special Esthederm approach towards the skin as a biological ecosystem, result in formulas, tailored to support each cell of this ecosystem.

Unique work protocols

The facial treatments follow a specifically designed and scientifically proven protocol for effective skin massage techniques.

Skin rejuvenation

The professional Esthederm products we use during facial therapies are crafted to revitalize mature skin and bring back its youthful looks.

Long-term effect

Since the procedures aim to target the individual cells and enhance their activity, the results remain for a long period.

A pallet of procedures for every skin

Institut Esthederm Еxcellage Therapy

An intensive rejuvenating therapy based on advanced formulas, relaxation massage techniques, wrinkle reduction, lifting effect and a dynamic mask for total skin rejuvenation.

Institut Esthederm Esthelift Therapy

An intensive lifting therapy with an immediate effect on your contour where your features are enhanced, and the youthful oval of the face is defined.

Institut Esthederm Intensive Hyaluron Therapy

A powerful hydration treatment for dry skin that shows signs of ageing. Immediate effect and refreshment are observed right after the procedure and the skin is revitalized.

Institut Esthederm Intensive Multi-Peel Therapy

A highly effective and personalized peeling aiming at regenerating new skin cells, and collagen production. Intense therapy for optimal results.

Institut Esthederm Osmopeel Cleansing

An iconic deep-cleanse therapy providing even and shining tan, toned and smooth skin, and visibly cleaner and shinier skin for weeks after the procedure.

This is your new skin, your new self

Age is no limit to skin beauty and vitality. With our Esthederm facial treatments, we give your skin the chance to be young, fresh and shiny again and for a long time.

The science behind Esthederm

The expert skin care of Institut Esthederm is based on more than 70 international patents which are part of the brand’s knowledge, research, and specially designed formulas for the skin.

Diversity and uniqueness

All Esthederm formulas are prepared to suit every skin type, achieve maximum tolerance and simultaneously, optimal results and effectiveness.

Exclusive water formula

Esthederm has developed an “active water” formula, which mirrors the biological qualities of the water that our body contains naturally. This optimizes the skin cell functions and sustains its healthy balance.

Repair technology

Part of every age management treatment, this technology helps the skin preserve and naturally produce its main components – collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid.

Lift technology

Innovative technology that provides an instant and visible lift effect on the skin due to the balanced combination between red seaweed extract and polysaccharides.



The facial treatments with Esthederm are based not only on applying the right professional products but also on specific massage techniques. The application method intensifies the absorption of the active ingredients into the skin, stimulating its natural reactivation and rejuvenation.

During your initial consultation, our specialists will prepare a plan with the number and frequency of the procedures you need to achieve optimal results. This is determined by the initial skin condition, the type of procedure and the respective needs of the skin. Typically, the cleansing and peeling procedures are done every 3-4 weeks, whereas the hydration and anti-age therapies can be performed more frequently if you seek optimal results.

The effect can be noticed right after the procedures. The skin is brighter, more vital and elastic. Gradually, during the course of therapies, the fine lines are reduced, the skin looks more youthful, and the tan is clearer. The effect keeps developing over time and after a full course of therapies, the results remain for months and months ahead.

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