VelaShape III: the worldwide favourite for body shaping

Meet the ideal solution for tightening the skin, eliminating cellulite, and reducing body circumference – VelaShape III.

VelaShape III is one of the world’s preferred, highly effective and non-invasive methods for body contouring through neocollagenesis. The process involves the formation of new collagen and elastin in the body. VelaShape III also stimulates blood circulation and significantly accelerates metabolism.

Visible results almost immediately

Smoother and tighter skin, reduction of circumference and cellulite – all this just after a single session with VelaShape III. Even during the treatment itself, the skin surface feels more gentle, more elastic and firmer than before. Within the first two weeks after the first treatment, a reduction in girth and cellulite is noticeable. The circumference decreases by an average of 1 to 3 cm after 1-4 treatments.

Velashape III treatment for eliminating cellulite, tightening skin, and reducing body circumference

Achieving what sports and diets cannot

VelaShape III helps you reach results that are unattainable solely with sports and diets. Conventional methods can bring about weight loss and improve muscle tone. However, unlike the third version of VelaShape, they cannot tighten the skin or eliminate cellulite. The procedures with VelaShape III are a 100% healthy method to stimulate completely natural processes in your body.

Technician beside Velashape cellulite reduction machine

An innovative approach to skin beauty

VelaShape III, as the name itself suggests, is the third generation of the device, which is also three times more effective than its predecessors. Syneron Candela, the world leader in non-invasive equipment, uses its experience with VelaShape 1 and VelaShape 2, which have been used by over 5 million people in the last 12 years. The result is a state-of-the-art technology that outperforms all other cellulite reduction and removal devices.

Velashape 3 Machine

The advantages of VelaShape III

Tighter skin, less cellulite and reduced circumference are already impressive. But how we achieve these results is far beyond remarkable.

Long-lasting effect

For 10 weeks after the last treatment, the results continue to develop and improve. Depending on age, hormonal condition, and lifestyle, they can last for several months.

No recovery period

Yet another important advantage of the treatment with VelaShape III is that it does not require any recovery period. You can resume your normal life immediately after the sessions.

Painless procedures

The procedures are painless and even very comfortable for those who enjoy warmth. The feeling during the treatment resembles a deep massage with a warming effect on the treated area.

No side effects

Up to this date, over 5 million treatments have been performed worldwide with the latest version of VelaShape, and no side effects have been reported. This is a risk-free procedure.

Discover the improved version of you

When you seek smooth skin without imperfections, VelaShape III is the procedure that can guarantee long-lasting and fast results. Book your appointment today.

The new third generation of VelaShape

By heating the desired area to a therapeutic temperature of 40-45 degrees, keep it as high as possible throughout the session. VelaShape III combines three advanced technologies, each of which enhances the effect of the others.

Levels of heating

Laser infrared (IR) heats the tissue up to 3 mm deep while a Bipolar 150-watt radio frequency heats the tissue up to 20 mm deep.

Vacuum and massage

Pulsed vacuum and mechanical roller massage systems bring energy to the depth of the tissue and drain the lymph.

Effects on the hypodermis

Enhanced metabolism of the fat cells and causing them to contract to release their contents and reduce their volume.

Effects on the dermis

The collagen fibres shrink under the influence of high temperature which also leads to shrinkage of fat cells and visible tightening of the skin.

Real Results

Our clients and their satisfaction are the best tokens of quality and flawless results.



Before the age of 25, we recommend that you first resort to active sports and a healthy whole-food diet. After that, the body’s collagen production already decreases, and VelaShape III is an excellent way to stimulate it locally. Just contact us for a detailed and free consultation. This way, together we will find the right solution for an optimal result for you.
Yes, VelaShape III can be combined with other body-shaping procedures or treatments. However, the combined approach of body contouring and cellulite reduction/removal is applied only after prior consultation with our specialists.
The treatment of a single area with the apparatus takes ca. 10-15 minutes, depending on its size. For each additional area, yet another 10-15 minutes are added. There are also a few minutes of pre-procedure preparation. For example, if the arms will be treated, the session will take 15 minutes for each arm and ca. 10 minutes for preparation – a total of 40 minutes. Larger body zones take up to 60 minutes.
According to clinical studies on the results of VelaShape III, circumferences are reduced by an average of 1 to 3 cm after 1-4 treatments. The optimal result after one treatment is 2.6 cm. The skin surface feels smoother, more elastic and denser right after the first procedure. Two weeks after the treatment, cellulite and circumference in the treated area start decreasing. The best results are seen about 10 weeks after the last treatment. A change in diet is not necessary to achieve the best results, however, it is essential to make sure that your body weight does not increase.
The effect is visible immediately after the first treatment, but the number of treatments required depends on two factors. The first is the result you want to achieve, and the second is how your body reacts to the stimulus of the device. For women with pronounced cellulite or in a complex hormonal situation, it usually takes at least 6 treatments before we see the desired results. For 20-30-year-olds who exercise and follow a healthy diet, sometimes even 3 treatments can be enough. Several studies have shown that with VelaShape III alone, the desired results are achieved with an average of 1-4 treatments. However, our extensive experience shows that at least 3 treatments are required to achieve truly long-lasting results.

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