Laser hair removal for men

A few years ago, we would not have believed that many men would enter a cosmetic clinic. We didn’t think they would all be sincerely interested in the aesthetic manipulations that best suit them to support their body and face. But today this is a fact. It is a real pleasure to talk to our male clients because I see that they want to take care of themselves and are becoming more and more proficient in the new procedures. When it comes to cosmetic procedures, they often surprise us with their knowledge. With them, we talk most often about laser hair removal, which is already desired by both sexes equally. In order to bring the greatest benefit to men, we will draw their attention to the areas we are successfully treating. We will also talk about thinning and complete hair removal options.

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Laser hair removal on the shoulders and back

Men often admit that back hair is what worries them the most. Problematic situations are at the beach or at the pool, when changing at the gym or in front of an intimate partner. Sometimes the hair grows taut, sometimes it is in tufts at the waist, shoulders and around the line of the spine. Removal by shaving is short-lived, and waxing is painful because the hair is thick and the root deep. The areas are also inconvenient. There is practically no one who can do it alone. However, often the gentlemen are embarrassed to ask their couple for help. In this case, laser hair removal is not only convenient, but also a permanent solution. Not only will they not need to seek the help of other people, but they will not engage in this activity at all.

Laser hair removal on the chest and belly

These areas are other extremely popular areas; we could even say that they are the most preferred by the gentlemen who are our customers. Almost 70% of our patients can be depilated with a laser on these parts of their bodies. Some choose chest, some choose stomach, and some choose both. The main reasons are that they prefer smooth skin or want their muscles to show up better. There are also many cases where they are guided only by practical motives. Gentlemen often want to part with the irritation and itching that hair causes in this area, especially during the warmer months. In this case, their motivation is connected to physical comfort, but they also like the aesthetic benefits. This is the place to mention that with these procedures not only removal but also the thinning of the hair can be achieved. Many men strive for just that. It relieves discomfort and boosts self-esteem, proving to be a balanced alternative to total hair removal.

Laser hair removal on the neck

At the nape of the neck, the hair grows very fast. Some men go through this area with a razor until it’s time for their barber session. Others don’t like it, but try to cover it up in different ways. Those who have a genuine aversion to these hairs choose laser hair removal as the definitive solution. This ensures a fresh feeling between two haircuts and saves a few extra shaves. This gives them more confidence in their appearance.

Laser hair removal below the jawline and neckline

Many gentlemen are irritated by the dense hair under the edge of the jaw, which reaches down to the nape of the neck. This is completely understandable for aesthetic reasons, but also for health reasons. In this area, hair often twists and grows inward, causing uncomfortable inflammation. Pimple-like swellings form, the area is visible and attracts attention. However, many men, even if they do not have problems with hair growth, only want to emphasize the jawline through the jawline. This is why normal people shave their necks, but it is too time-consuming and not everyone is precise enough to do it on their own. After only a few laser treatments, the hair becomes thinner and its growth slows down. As a result, the ingrown hairs will disappear, and the jaw will look more expressive, giving it a stylish and elegant look.

Laser hair removal on the cheekbone

Sometimes facial hair is very strong and dense. It can even cover the cheekbones in a way that many find excessive. Constant shaving in this area will irritate the delicate skin, cause rashes and purulent-tipped pimples, or worsen existing acne. What we can recommend in this case are several laser procedures. You will reduce the hair. If it loses some density, then the problems described above will no longer bother you. Some men undergo this type of hair removal to more clearly define the shape of their beard. This can be done in addition to emphasizing the jaw, which we talked about earlier. In any case, visits to the hairdresser will be fewer. It becomes much easier to maintain the look you want.

Is laser hair removal uncomfortable?

It is also important to know that the discomfort of laser hair removal is minimal. The impulse resembles a light “burst” with a rubber band. In order to feel as relaxed as possible, we also use a cooling device. Remember that before the procedure, the hair in the desired area should be shaved, and you should not expose your body to the sun for two weeks. You can trust us for the rest. If you are interested in how many laser hair removal procedures are required, read our article on the subject. Also, be sure to check out our Laser Hair Removal blog section for everything you need to know and prepare for your first visit to the clinic.


5 Reasons Men Choose Laser Hair Removal

More and more men are undergoing laser hair removal. But there are still those who wonder if this procedure is really right for them and what benefits it would bring them. However, they rarely ask us this question directly – mostly we can see it from their sceptical look or from the slight nervousness with which they look forward to their first laser hair removal.

Dear boys and men, we completely understand your hesitation. However, just a few years ago this type of hair removal was reserved for your wives, girlfriends and daughters, and the offer to try it didn’t appeal to you at all – you mostly turned it down, saying “this thing” was only for athletes, swimmers, bodybuilders or models. However, we are glad that attitude is starting to change and permanent hair removal is becoming a routine for you—whether you’re at the beach in the summer or in town running errands. In our clinic, we meet often men who want to have this procedure or who have already tried it and are satisfied.

We asked three of them why they like laser hair removal. I hope you will find their answers useful.

Because it can be done all over the body “Back, chest, stomach, neck… I can do laser hair removal anywhere I want.” – says Vasil, IT specialist. His problem was the thick hair on his back. He didn’t expect that such a large area would be treated so quickly. And that mattered to him because, as he said, “I have no time to waste.”

Because it’s less painful than waxing. Men who have used other hair removal methods also appreciate the benefits of laser hair removal. The shave is quick, but only two or three days later you are back in the starting position. “And I don’t want to remember the times I was waxing. Imagine scraping a huge amount of thick, deep-rooted hair. It hurts!” Martin said to us. In fact, compared to these methods, laser hair removal is both longer lasting and much more comfortable. It also removes ingrown hairs and accompanying irritations.

Because it emphasizes athletic physics “After long hours in the gym, this is the greatest reward,” Martin continues. In fact, that’s exactly the case – when the hair falls out, the hard-earned muscles of the chest, stomach, arms or back show themselves in all their glory.

Because it reduces irritation and itching. Laser hair removal also gives men a pleasant feeling of freshness. “Hair removal, especially in the summer, is terrible – your skin itches, it’s often irritated, red… – says another patient. With larger areas, the hair causes even more sweating and retains body odour. Laser hair removal works on both of these problems.

Because it’s sexy (and women like it). At the end of our impromptu survey, all three men we spoke to admitted that they do laser hair removal for different reasons, but one common way to please their beloved women, who like the feel of smooth skin and find it very sexy. And that’s also an important argument, isn’t it?

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