Risks of Laser Hair Removal

Are there pigment spots or burns after laser hair removal?

If it is carried out properly and professionally, the risks of laser hair removal are minimal to none. The procedure is absolutely safe and effective. The risks relate to improper operation of the equipment and careless actions on the part of the customer. Problems usually arise with:

  • Use of settings unsuitable for specific skin and hair;
  • Insufficient and uneven cooling;
  • Incorrect device settings;
  • Incompetent operator;
  • Perform the procedure soon after sun exposure.

Today we will answer some of the main questions that our clients have regarding the risks of laser hair removal.

Table of contents:

Do the procedures increase the risk of skin cancer?

Provoking skin cancer with laser hair removal is impossible, since the radiation is non-ionising and does not affect surrounding tissues. There is no scientific evidence that this method of hair removal increases the risk of skin cancer. The energy of the light beam is directed only to the hair follicle. It does not affect the skin tissue that surrounds the hair. This tissue does not absorb energy. Many people mistakenly believe that manipulation is similar to sun exposure. However, this is not the case and the dermis itself is not treated.

How does laser hair removal affect the skin?

Laser hair removal does not affect sweating, body temperature regulation, sensory perception and other skin functions. The only consequences of a session are usually slight swelling, irritation or redness. Some customers may experience a short-term increase in sensitivity and mild discomfort. These symptoms usually disappear within a few hours after the procedure. Some dermatologists use an analgesic product to relieve the discomfort. After the session, the skin may look like after waxing. Some customers have slight changes in pigmentation. However, they are not permanent and will disappear. With the right equipment settings, the risks are minimized.

Do intimate laser hair removal damage the ovaries?

The laser pulse is absorbed by the melanin in the hair and converted into heat, and the increased temperature destroys the hair follicle located in the dermis. The dermis, in turn, is located between the epidermis and adipose tissue, ie. at very shallow depth. In this sense, there is no risk of this impulse reaching any internal organ, let alone passing through the abdominal muscles, which underlie the ovaries. The intimate area is one of the most popular areas of the body for laser hair removal. It doesn’t cause as much discomfort as plucking. The procedures themselves are safe when properly performed by a professional cosmetician.

Is it true that laser hair removal is not done in summer?

This is one of the biggest myths. Of course, you can have the procedure all year round, even in the warmest months. The only condition is not to actively expose yourself to the sun and to use sunscreen with a high sun protection factor. It is not recommended to make an appointment if you are already tanned. Schedule a procedure at least two weeks after active sun exposure. Check out our summer laser hair removal article for more information.

Laser hair removal and tattoos

Manipulation is not performed on tattooed skin. The laser “looks” for the pigment, not the hair. The pigment of the tattoo immediately attracts radiation and you get skin burns, hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation. For this reason, this type of hair removal is never performed on tattoos. You may be wondering what is the safe distance from the tattoo to epilate. The procedure can be performed in an area at least 2.5 cm away. Otherwise, there is a risk of unforeseen results.

Laser hair removal and moles

There are options for reducing hair in a birthmark area or cluster of birthmarks. During laser treatment, moles must be covered with a white pen or white paper so that they are not affected by the scattered light from the laser. One of the reasons why we advise you to entrust the procedures only to a professional cosmetologist is that they can most accurately assess the condition of your skin. The cosmetician takes the most correct and reasonable opinion on the area you wish to treat.
Freckles, birthmarks and skin spots have their own characteristics, which the specialist knows.

At what age can laser hair removal be performed?

Anyone over the age of 18 can make an appointment. Parental consent is required for those under this age. There are no contraindications to starting manipulation at an earlier age. It all depends on a person’s attitude and desire to submit to it. The only considerations against previous behaviour relate to the feeling itself. Younger clients, who are more sensitive to discomfort, may move during the procedure, leading to the risk of burns. The effect of this type of hair removal is not affected by the age of the person undergoing it. If you are looking for more information on this topic, read our article on laser hair removal for teenagers.

Laser hair removal: contraindications

These procedures are not recommended during pregnancy, lactation, eczema, dermatitis and hepatitis. In short, these are the conditions under which will not agree to the procedure or advise you to postpone it. There are specific medical reasons for this decision that the client should consider. They are not arbitrary but are based on serious risks and contraindications. The most wrong approach in such a situation is to look for another clinic or studio where they would hold the session. You are likely to find such a place, but the therapist’s tendency to perform the manipulation demonstrates dangerously low competence.

How are reliable and lasting results achieved?

Visit a professional cosmetic center with an excellent reputation and good patient feedback. Also, make sure that the place has the most modern and safest equipment. Ask about the qualifications and experience of the specialist who will perform the manipulation. This type of hair removal is not trivial – both the type of equipment and the skill of the cosmetician is critical to its success. We strongly recommend that you have laser hair removal performed by a medical beautician or a doctor. This way you don’t take any unnecessary risks to your health.

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